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Do you want a non-pharmaceutical way to treat erectile dysfunction?

Do you want a way to rejuvenate your sex life and your marriage?


Dr. Amy Haynes is providing a new, safe, effective procedure for men.

If you suffer with:

  • Decreased sensation
  • Inability to achieve and/or maintain firmness during sex
  • Difficulty maintaining firmness until your partner is satisfied
  • Decrease in size (associated with aging)
  • An angle that causes pain or inability to have sex (Peyronies’s disease)

You may be a candidate for the Priapus-shot (The P-Shot)

  • Non-surgical
  • Drug free
  • Can increase sensitivity
  • Can increase desire
  • Creates larger girth and length
  • Fast procedure
  • Relatively painless procedure (3 out of 10 on the pain scale)
  • Improve sexuality and create a stronger marriage

How does the Priapus Shot work?

The Priapus Shot procedure is a quick, usually painless, 20 minute, non surgical procedure. The P-shot begins with numbing the penis, then a simple blood draw from the arm. Using a proprietary technique, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted from the blood sample and injected into the shaft and into the glans/head of the penis. There is no recovery time. The results can be dramatic. Full results appear in 2-3 months.


Call the office for a complimentary consultation to find out if the P-SHOT may help you recover sexual health. Dr. Haynes is one of the few physicians trained, certified and licensed to administer this incredible treatment.

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