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I grew up in a small suburb of Detroit in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I was a sickly child with lots of throat and bronchial infections. I was anorexic by the time I was six. I ate nothing but sugar and fruit. I was extremely hypoglycemic. My hair never grew in and I was always painfully thin.I was tired a lot and had severe mood swings in middle school. Menstrual cramps and hemorrhagic periods often kept me out of school. In middle school, I became tongue tied and painfully withdrawn. Complex emotional issues haunted me throughout my high school years.

My grades were good and I attended a huge university after graduation. My intention was to go into medicine; but after volunteering at the university hospital, I realized I couldn’t work in that environment or continue on in the path of traditional western medicine.

Instead, I enrolled in a naturopathic medical school, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Portland Oregon. It was there that I experienced a total life transformation. I discovered how to heal. I changed my diet, multiple times, I learned how to control my hypoglycemia, I balanced my hormones, I got my mercury fillings removed, I chelated, I supplemented and I exercised. My energy increased, my appetite returned, my hair grew in and my skin glowed. I learned how to work with my odd, awkward, and quirky nature.

I graduated medical school in 1983, moved to Missoula, Montana and opened my practice. I flourish.

  • I Believe  

    naturopathic healing principles recognize that each of our parts, body/mind/spirit are interconnected and constantly interacting. Disharmony on any one of these levels can have adverse effects and cause disease.All living beings possess an intelligent, living energy -The Vital Force, which gives us all an innate ability to heal.Naturopathic medicine is designed to work with the Vital Force, in a holistic manner, to restore balance and harmony to the body/mind/ and spirit of all human beings.I believe that as a physician, my job is to generate a specific, principle-based treatment plan customized for each individuals needs promoting the stimulation and balance of the Vital Force.

  • My approach  

    a healthy lifestyle has far more opportunities for expansion and growth than a lifestyle that is burdened by illness. Once we get our own health in order, then we can get down to the business of creating an environment where our closest loved ones. To bring your metabolic processes back into alignment with this planet and with your own limitless potential. We all have the opportunity to realize a greater potential than the luck and circumstance of our birth. Ideally, we want potential to flow quickly and effortlessly. For that to happen, health has to be a number one priority.

    Wholesomeness and integrity brings us all into alignment with our place in this beautiful web of the Vital Force. When we live in alignment, when our Vital Force is nourished, we can’t help but evolve. The puzzle pieces are in place and the poetic expression, which is who we are, is manifest. That makes a better world for all of us and God’s plan of “Heaven on Earth” is a step closer to being realized.I care deeply about you and the family/community you live in. We are as healthy as our relationships to each other, to the land to our work and to our creator.

    I am a minimalist who believes that one less annoyance in your life promotes harmony in your world, which translates into peace in my world. W do right by you and you will do right by others. That is the world I want my children to grow up in.I am passionate about solutions. I look outside the box until I find what I am looking for. People at the end of their rope and have been everywhere else find their way to me. I love the challenge.I build a bridge between the natural process of healing and allopathic medicine.This opens up new possibilities to shift perspectives, paradigms and bring clarity.We provide a safe haven so that you no longer have to be uncomfortable with uncomfortable issues. Often, we don’t like to talk about the health issues that bother us. We are embarrassed, helpless or hopeless. With over 30 years of experience, the train stops here.I invest. Many physicians can only spend a few minutes with their patients. I need 60- 90 minutes with you to make sure I learn as much about you as I can to make the best diagnosis and treatment plan to help you reach your health goals.It needs to make sense. From pain to purpose, the story needs to flow in order to make your life cohesive. I can find the scaffolding that builds the shelter that protects the vulnerable and bring courage to face a world full of surprises.

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