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  • I have been a patient of Dr. Haynes since March of 2014. When I first came in to the clinic, I had chronic health problems and was very discouraged after trying various medical and natural remedies to improve my symptoms. During my first visit, Dr. Haynes took the time to listen to me and to answer my questions. I knew she was committed to finding the answers we needed to reverse my chronic health issues. It has been a challenging road to recovery, but I am happy to report that since beginning treatment, I have lost over 20 pounds, my memory is improving, my energy level has improved, and I am sleeping better than I have in many years. I am so excited to continue my journey towards health and well-being! I feel like Dr. Haynes has given me a toolbox of information I can use to maintain good health for years to come. I highly recommend services provided by Dr. Haynes and her caring staff to anyone committed to long term health and well-being. Thanks a million Dr. Haynes and staff!

  • Over the last nine years, Dr. Amy Haynes has literally saved my life twice.  Thank you Amy, I am so grateful for your expertise and devotion to teaching your patients the road to lifelong health!!   The first time, I developed systemic Candida from exposure to toxic mold in my home. I developed a horrible, itchy rash that covered most of my body.  Over a year,  I went to several different health practitioners who misdiagnosed and recommended treatments that didn't help at all and I got worse. When I came to Amy,  she had me follow an amylose free diet (amylose is a molecule of starch).  The diet includes lots of green veggies, healthy protein and eliminates sugar and most grains.  I also took supplements and enemas, including a coffee retention enema.  The Candida had invaded my liver and this treatment successfully expelled it. I began to feel better within 24 hours after a year of misery!! I am still following the basic diet today.   My second major health crisis, depression, was brought on by severe insomnia for years, a bad reaction to pharmaceutical sleep medication and stress (work, financial, marital, caring for my father with Alzheimer's at home for the last two years of his life while working, 70 mile commute, etc.).  Amy encouraged me to do a 5-10 day fast on organic bone broth and then follow up with the cellular healing diet and supplements.  Fortunately, I have done many fasts over the past 50 years, so I am experienced with the health and spiritual benefits of fasting.  I spent the first three days of my fast camping out on the Blackfoot by myself in the snow and rain (which was really wonderful! and I did stay warm enough). When I got back to town, I fasted another four days and then began the diet.  I felt really fantastic, regained my gastrointestinal balance, began sleeping much better and the depression lifted! I am continuing to improve every day and am being very careful to maintain an excellent diet, daily exercise, meditation and relaxation. I am so appreciative of Amy's personal, caring, supportive, educational, effective  and empowering method of holistic health care.  Missoula is very fortunate to have such an experienced and knowledgeable physician to help us help ourselves!  Thank you Amy for devoting your life to improving the health of our community.

  • My first introduction to naturopathy was in 1974 and over the years I practiced the principles of holistic wellbeing to varying degrees. My talk was too often better than my walk when it came to doing what I knew I needed to do to maintain optimal wellness. In January 2013 my body rebelled. I had a health crisis. And I found myself at a crossroads: take responsibility for my health, get on the path to wellness or continue going downhill. And I knew that downhill meant one or more of the common diseases we see today: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammations, digestive disorders, kidney failure, dementia, alzheimers, obesity, etc. None of these being my destination of choice. Perhaps one of the most important things that I had learned over the years was that I could change that destination. I also knew that I needed a well-qualified and experienced naturopathic physcian to help me do that. In 2009 I was interested in the HCG weight loss program and had been referred to Dr. Haynes by a friend and fellow naturopathic physcian. I found Dr. Haynes to be extremely knowledgeable and with her expertise and support I successfully completed 2 rounds of the HCG program and as a result lost weight and gained a renewed state of well-being. Had I maintained the healthy habits that I had reestablished during that experience most likely I could have avoided the current situation I was facing. However, old habits die hard, as they say, and I found myself once again thinking I could remain immune to the effects of the poor lifestyle choices that I continued to make. But having had the opportunity to work with Dr. Haynes I was confident that Dr. Haynes was the right person to help me change the situation I was facing. When I began treatment with Dr. Haynes in January 2013 I was experiencing multiple symptoms - liver toxicity, gut inflammation, weight gain, pre-diabetic, indications of kidney failure, brain fog, and depression to name a few. Dr. Haynes listened to my long list of symptoms, ran some tests and put her expertise to work. Explaining what the situation was, what the outcome could be if these symptoms were not addressed but most significantly how the situation could be turned around completely by making the right choices. Choices that I had control of. Dr. Haynes helped me to remember that the body is absolutely amazing. It's designed to maintain itself in optimal wellness. Understanding how it works is not complicated. We just have to unprogram ourselves from the common belief that we are victims of life and destined to end up "old" and with a degenerative body. Together, Dr. Haynes and I went to work. Resolving the issues that I was facing was like peeling an onion, layer by layer. Within 6 months I felt like a new person. I had lost 60 pounds without giving a thought to losing weight. My focus was providing the body with what it needed to heal itself. Dr. Haynes was the guide. The changes I made were not complicated. The result has given me a new lease on life. I feel 30 years younger. Ninety-nine percent of the symptoms I was experiencing when the "health crisis" occurred are gone. In July I had an "ah-ha" moment. Thinking about the experience of the past few months and basking in the results of my current state of wellness, it occured to me that if I could achieve this much of an improvement how much more could I achieve. So, that's where Dr. Haynes and I are at this time. At my next appointment we will address that question. From my personal experience, as well as observing the experiences that family and friends have had with Dr. Haynes, I have come to truly appreciate Dr. Haynes as a leading health practioner - highly educated, on the cutting edge of the newest research and fully grounded in the long established fundamentals of health and well being. This combined with the dedication she has to improving the lives of the patients who come to her results in a physcian who's objective is to help you achieve optimal wellness by empowering you to recognize your own unlimited power to do so. Thank you Dr. Haynes.

  • My experiences with Dr. Haynes over the past few years have been positive and educational.  What I like about Dr. Haynes’ approach to healthcare is the focus on whole-body health and the education of her patients.  Dr. Haynes quickly pinpointed my thyroid disorder and took the natural measures needed to get it functioning properly and to educate me to help myself.  She has used prolotherapy, prolozone and ozone therapies, and acupuncture to successfully treat different issues I’ve had.  I believe the most valuable asset the clinic offers the patient is Dr. Haynes’ exceptional balanced approach to healthcare.

  • Without a doubt, I know that my health is better now than it has been in twenty years.  I attribute this to not only the naturopathic care provided to me by Dr. Haynes but to our many discussions and the knowledge I have received from her regarding whole body health- including diet and lifestyle choices.  Dr. Haynes and I agree that treating symptoms instead of the real cause of a medical problem seldom results in a satisfactory resolution.  Dr. Haynes has always impressed me with her extremely positive attitude and patience when explaining how our bodies function and the rationale behind the selection of accompanying treatments.  At the conclusion of each visit, I feel very positive and confident that Dr. Haynes has determined the appropriate course of action to initiate a healing response from my body.  Dr. Haynes has helped me to understand that the body was meant to heal itself with the proper protocols and a positive attitude.

  • I came to Dr. Amy Haynes after many years of trying to sort out my own health issues. I was tired of never getting the complete picture of my overall health because I found it common for most doctors to focus on symptoms without taking into account the whole of me. Therefore the treatment designed often did not address my full situation. Several years ago, on my first visit, Dr. Haynes covered my history with lots of discussion, listening carefully to what I said. I felt she trusted that I knew my body better than anyone else. She encouraged me to work on a core program with supplements specifically chosen for my needs at that time. We also adjusted my diet and exercise program to better suit my body. I completed several liver cleanses for better intestinal health. Going forward, I am empowered to keep track of what my body is telling me and how my habits and actions affect it for good or stress it out. I come in for regular visits to review any changes in my health to enable me to maintain care of my whole body, mind and spirit with professional support-  which gives me confidence. The supplements and methods I am using are right for me and are changed if it is needed. I am grateful for Dr. Amy’s knowledge, her gift of listening, and her way of teaching from the heart with such a sensitive nature.  She has an intuitive ability to create a process that continues to take me to a better place of health step-by-step.  I am consistently encouraged to grow in my awareness of what my body is telling me and relay that to Dr. Haynes so that together we can make positive, accurate changes. I encourage anyone who is looking for a wonderful health care professional to consider Dr. Amy Haynes. You will be rewarded and empowered in the process.

  • I wanted to express my utmost appreciation for your exemplary work on my knees and feet. I was so very impressed by your expertise, wide range of knowledge, open mind, and that rate quality seen in any veteran- enthusiasm! I've never seen a doctor with such a thirst for new tools. Throw in your great empathy and high intellect that connects all the dogs and you are the finest doctor I have ever met. For the first time in years I can go onto releve (half-toe on my metatarsals) and stay there! You were so smart to figure out the specific injections I required- they have worked well and I am so appreciative. My knees are more stable as well. I just wanted to rave about how fabulous you are and let you know how much you helped me. Thank you so very much.

  • Dr. Amy Haynes has been my Naturopath for almost a year. I had recently moved into the area and I was looking for someone with experience. I had left my preventative/alternative healthcare professionals in the greater Seattle area when I moved. She and her staff are very professional and friendly. She is knowledgeable about new therapies, which I am very interested in. I choose naturopathic medical care and preventative medicine over conventional treatments, even though my insurance does not cover it. I hope someday all insurances will cover Naturopathic Physicians, especially for people like me, who eat healthy foods, exercise daily, and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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