HCG Weight Loss Resistance Program

Weight gain is heartbreaking.

Restricting calories and hitting the gym can work well for some. But for others, this approach is ineffective and frustrating. You may feel that you’re “doing the work” but it’s just not working. If this is you, your body may be in a state of weight loss resistance.

Weight loss resistance is a condition that can be traced to multiple causes, but the true root of the issue is most often cellular toxicity and inflammation. This root cause results in major disruptions to the endocrine (hormone) system, which in turn causes problems with other bodily systems and can create many other digestive and health symptoms. Inability to lose weight is actually a symptom rather than a root issue. Often, adrenal and/or thyroid issues also develop, and over time other symptoms such as food sensitivities (often undiagnosed) and sleep disturbances occur.

Our program is focused on returning balance and health to your body’s ability to regulate hormones and maintain a healthy weight. Choosing the optimal foods to detoxify and re-set the endocrine system is our focus rather than convincing you that your lack of willpower is the problem.

Our HCG Nutritional Weight Loss program is a key component in re-setting the body’s natural ability to maintain a healthy weight. This program lasts approximately 6 weeks and includes weekly appointments, plenty of support and education, and the supplies you’ll need. You’ll learn how to establish healthy eating habits with appropriate portion control in order to maintain your body’s reestablished balance. Your health history and lab-work will be reviewed with you to determine the best course.

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