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I grew up in a small suburb of Detroit in the 1960’s and 70’s. I was a sickly child with lots of bronchial, throat, and dental infections. I was anorexic by the time I was six. I ate nothing but sugar and fruit. I became extremely hypoglycemic. My hair never grew in thin. Though I had a sunny disposition I was tired a lot and had mood swings. Menstrual cramps and hemorrhagic periods often kept me out of school. In middle school, I became tongue-tied and painfully withdrawn. There were many more complex emotional issues that haunted me throughout my high school years that were later diagnosed as Post traumatic stress disorder.

I wanted to go into medicine, but after attending the University of Michigan, I changed my mind. When I discovered Naturopathic Medicine, I instinctively knew it was right for me. It was here that I experienced a total life transformation. I could heal myself! I changed my diet, I learned to control my diet, I balanced my hormones, removed my mercury fillings, chelated, supplemented and I exercised. My energy increased, my appetite returned , my hair grew in, my skin glowed. I still work with my awkward, quirkiness.

In 1984, after graduation, I moved to Missoula, Montana and opened a practice. I had $150.00 and a full tank of gas to my name. Before long, my practice flourished. Over the years, I went to every conference and seminar I could find. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on continuing education. My entire career revolved around skill development and being of service.

I found something good.

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