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With increasing exposure to toxic pollutants, our bodies face a challenge to remain healthy and free from illness. These toxic exposures impair our bodies at the cellular level, preventing optimal cellular and hormonal function. Our bodies were designed to function optimally in a very different environment than that which we are currently exposed to today. Hundreds of thousands of chemicals in our food supply, personal products, and environment were never part of the equation for staying healthy.

We are under a constant assault from pollution of all kinds: water and air pollution, metals such as mercury, lead, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, and millions of tons of unpronounceable chemicals which are released into our environment yearly. Cleaning solutions, hair dyes, cosmetics, erasable markers, air fresheners, and cell phones – to name a few – expose our homes, workplaces and schools.

To adequately allow our immune systems to protect us from auto-immune diseases, cancer, hormone dys-regulation and allergies, we must clear out these chemicals. Arthritis, irritable bowel, allergies, sinus infections, fatigue, depression and anxiety are just a few problems that arise from this type of toxic exposure.

We use an approach combining chelation, along with Detoxification strategies, diet and liver cleansers to clear the body of toxic metals and environmental pollution.
 Chelation is a process whereby a chelating agent is administered orally, rectally or intravenously to “grab” a toxin, allowing it to leave the body safely. Detoxification is just one step in the process. Releasing toxins stored in the tissues into the bloodstream without safely escorting them out of the body can result in many uncomfortable symptoms associated with blood toxicity. Chelation is simple, inexpensive and safe. It can be done at home with very little fuss or inconvenience.

We begin by testing your exposures to toxins. Next, we properly support the lymphatic and gastrointestinal functions and the kidneys, lungs, and liver in order to safely detoxify and chelate.

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